The Ability to Build Others

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July 5, 2015
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July 30, 2015
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The Ability to Build Others

Day-to-day operation concern is the most distracting aspect of being able to change a group’s mindset in an organization. In a medical environment where I have spent my last 22 years, these Build Your Team Workers Employees Common Goal Mission Words Boarconcerns become obvious due to the different pressures of safety, clinical standards, technical parameters, credentialing requirements, and general business. At the end of the day we are delivering a finished product or service, but don’t forget it is medical environment.

The most important thing I focus on is the “why”. The doctors, clinical, front desk, and marketing teams have to ask themselves a question. “Do I believe that this is the career path I should have chosen? If it is then the goal is success. Success to me means to show that I love what I do and why I do it. When I was able to accomplish that, I began to truly help others by empowering them to do the same. People would ask about my passion and its origin.

My answer is the old statement. “I love people”. What does that mean? I hear many people say it. The key concept is do you love people all the time? I go to bed thinking about all the businesses that I come in contact with and no longer a hot topic drama story in the news. I wake up trying to create valuable and positive content for any segment of a day related to business or personal environments. This repetitive process can be defined as boring, but like anything in life it requires time for it to grow into something great.

The day-to-day concerns in my businesses were impossible to overcome when I was a young CEO. From one day to the next, elements of inspiration would not be obvious due to the negative issues that overshadowed the ability for positive moments to shine.  Research has found positive reinforcement is extremely powerful. My number one skill is to use the way I arise each day and use it to inspire others. I don’t believe in mistakes. I encourage mistakes to happen as quickly as possible to use them as learning experiences. Think about a person you can truly trust. After a mistake, you know that the odds are that he or she is done making mistakes.

If you give up on that person, someone else is going to get their next best effort. This is why I go for trust first. With that trust, you and the employee can focus on bigger areas of the business. When I trust my staff my skills and talents are alive. When my skills and talents are alive, I am able to help everyone that comes in contact with me.

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