Before I became an entrepreneur, I worked in a series of jobs that required my credentials in the field of eye care. I soon discovered that I had another gift too. – I genuinely loved working with

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other people. As I interacted with peers, clients, patients and sales professionals, I always found that I brought more to the table than was expected of me. Being such a good communicator continued to open more and more doors for me.

Still, I was facing a problem: I usually only focused on one major aspect of business at a time. If my boss wanted me to impress the community and make our practice the most desirable practice in the area, I would answer that call immediately. If a patient or client had an idea or a wish, I was there to listen. But I didn’t feel fulfilled by my work. I was beginning to discover that I was meant to be an entrepreneur – someone who brings a diverse range of skills to all of the many day-to-day and long-term challenges of running a successful business.

After furthering my education and training in a number of essential areas, I developed skills that applied to a much wider range of businesses than just eye care practices. I also developed a growth mindset, always keeping my mind open to future business opportunities while also keeping a watchful eye on the stability of my current business. For some business owners, closing their minds to new opportunities is acceptable – they already have a business to worry about, after all. But my driving force has always been to keep growing – keep growing my knowledge, keep growing my networks, and keep growing my business (and perhaps, eventually, businesses.)

In the summer of 2014, I started a mastermind group with a few amazing entrepreneurs. My goal was to help other business owners stand out and diversify their business skills like I had done. I believe everyone should aspire to be a mentor for someone else. People like me, who are natural entrepreneurs, should be able to communicate our enthusiasm and love for business (not just money!) to other aspiring entrepreneurs. In the end, I believe that entrepreneurs who have a growth mindset like me are ultimately more valuable and flexible than entrepreneurs with perhaps even better abilities or credentials, because we’re open to change and opportunity. We’re open to growth. And I promise you, when your mind sees opportunity everywhere, a true entrepreneur feels really good!