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From a general viewpoint, there is believed to be a striking difference between the mindset of an employee and an entrepreneur. In the most broader sense, an employee enjoys the security of his finances in the form of some contract provided in return for services while an entrepreneur takes leisure in being the owner and

Beyond the SEA, Start, Expand, Adapt

The Gulf of Mexico at night is not a particularly fun place to be, especially when you’re only ten years old and crowded into a boat way too small for all its passengers. Still, that’s how I came from my birthplace in Havana, Cuba to the USA in 1980, and I still feel today that

The Benefits of Being an Agile Entrepreneur

Before I became an entrepreneur, I worked in a series of jobs that required my credentials in the field of eye care. I soon discovered that I had another gift too. – I genuinely loved working with other people. As I interacted with peers, clients, patients and sales professionals, I always found that I brought more

The Ability to Build Others

Day-to-day operation concern is the most distracting aspect of being able to change a group’s mindset in an organization. In a medical environment where I have spent my last 22 years, these concerns become obvious due to the different pressures of safety, clinical standards, technical parameters, credentialing requirements, and general business. At the end of

Wasted Time

Look around at all the businesses that waste time worrying about failing. Something more inspirational is going on behind the wall that some of these small firms cannot see. When someone is on a downward spiral, it often appears to be a long time before they can see the light. It really appears to be

The Journey and the Changes

Fast changes are a normal process that we have to face today with all the technology around us. Technology is one of the most important tools in order to be competitive as a business. The new climate in business allows people to embrace those changes needed to succeed, but the people that disagree fall behind.

Don’t Be an Expert. Be a Student

To have an opinion is a good thing but, to know it all can be counterproductive.  I often tell entrepreneurs and professionals that they don’t have to do it and know it all. I am personally going through this process right now. At my current junction I believe that this journey is going to have

Role of Relationships in Business

Collecting business cards is not very effective. I still have business cards that I collected ten years ago. What do I do with all those cards when in fact some of those business people are not with the same firm? Educational networking workshops can have an impact on the approach that businesses have in creating

How to be rejected and stay outside the circles?

In order to attract more people than you did last year at network events, avoid racing around trying to fit into every circle.  It is not about who you want to meet, it is about who wants to meet you. Go easy on the business cards. Don’t force it on someone that is not interested.