Don’t Be an Expert. Be a Student

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February 22, 2015
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June 15, 2015
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Don’t Be an Expert. Be a Student

To have an opinion is a good thing but, to know it all can be counterproductive.  I often tell entrepreneurs and professionals that they don’t have to do it and know it all. I am personally going student of life with graphic 500x310through this process right now. At my current junction I believe that this journey is going to have a happy ending. I have positive thoughts and believe in my journey. What will get in the way will be the type of mindset I use to confront it.

I am currently a speaker in the early stages. I lecture in optics and other practice management topics for eye care and other business professionals.  My goal is to incorporate this as a full time opportunity in my business. My business and your business have more similarities than you might think. What is the difference in our journeys? I still have to choose what to do myself and what to delegate. I need to be a marketer, but so do you. Everything is marketing according to the text books and history.

From the moment you wake up and check in with yourself, you must have a mindset that is going to radiate to those that work around you.  This has to be repeated over and over to ensure that your team adopts it as a system which pours into your local or global communities.  How will this all affect your current and prospective audiences?

We have just brought to light only some steps in the process. We went from the start of the day, to the overall objective. The gap in between is the challenge. As I begin my next week I will work on observing the basic issues that lead to failing, and focus more on the desired results.

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