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October 25, 2015
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From a general viewpoint, there is believed to be a striking difference between the mindset of an employee and an entrepreneur. In the most broader sense, an employee enjoys the security of his finances in the form of some contract provided in return for services while an entrepreneur takes leisure in being the owner and hence the caller of all the shots.

However, we do not live in a perfect world. Neither an employee nor an entrepreneur can be claimed to be into the profession suited to his skill and, more importantly, his expectations. Every professional aim for a superior social standing, at least, a gradually expanding income as more of his life is dedicated to his work and a sense of accomplishment. Whether he chooses to be an employee or an entrepreneur, he attains the first two eventually. It is the comforting sense of accomplishment that requires a greater level of perseverance and strength of character.

As an employee, some skill is required of you as specified by your job description. After some time, it limits your vision and hence confines you to think inside the box. However, an employee is to weigh his life’s work at some point and compare it with what he could have been. That is the point when the employee should slide towards entrepreneurship.

Having your own business makes you feel different about your work. The responsibility increases, but it also lets you be your master. Entrepreneurs are made to see things differently, seek broader aspects, open up to experiments and all this while keeping the figures in balance and preferably ascending. Entrepreneurship is a test of one’s character at every step. Your attitude and realism towards it decide what becomes of you because there are many out there who have succeeded and a lot more with failed attempts.

The supreme quality an entrepreneur must possess is an unheeding ear for negative criticism. He must learn to think outside the box and not be held back by those who are too ready to find faults. One of the major differences between an employee and an entrepreneur is; an entrepreneur is a planner while the employee, a doer. This critical detail pretty much determines the future endeavors any person might be undertaking whether an employee or an entrepreneur.

Those who have tread the path of mistakes first attain success. The key that determines accomplishment is the belief in oneself to create one’s future instead of hoping to discover one that is already there. Whenever an entrepreneur fails, he is one-step closer to success. It is understood that entrepreneurs are the actual builders of the future world and it is their losses and success, which will act as bricks for the foundations of the future of human race.

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