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Include people in your circles that have the inability to easily connect(Q-tips).

When I go to a networking event it feels like some people know everyone and others are isolated due to not being properly plugged in. It has been a great feeling for me to..  Read More >>

Make it simple, memorable, and always give people more than they expect to get

I love when someone tells me that a person I referred turns out to be extremely happy. I have seen business owners not exercise the art of making things simple for their

client. 

The most common use for cotton swabs is to clean or caress the ear canal and/or to remove earwax, despite this not being a medically recommended method for removing earwax. Cotton swabs are also commonly used for applying and removing makeup, as well as for household uses such as cleaning and arts and crafts.

The Q-tip was invented in the 1920’s Leo Gerstenzang (a Polish-born American). His wife had used a toothpick with cotton stuck on the end to clean their baby’s ears, and Leo invented Q-tips to replace her jury-rigged invention.

Q-tips® cotton swabs have the most soft cotton at the tip* and are made with 100% pure cotton. Q-tips® cotton swabs are also biodegradable when composted and the paper sticks are sourced from sustainable forests