Collecting business cards is not very effective. I still have business cards that I collected ten years ago. What do I do with all those cards when in fact some of those business people are not with thebeach same firm? Educational networking workshops can have an impact on the approach that businesses have in creating better opportunities to grow.
Many people are great at social media. We are growing our connections at a record pace. My concern is that so many people fear physical encounters and a high percentage of those can be social media all-stars. The disappointing results of the social media experts can be reduced by attending networking the proper way.
If you love what you do, let it show. Become part of your service. Everyone likes to make money. In fact, everybody needs to make money the two most important reasons for entrepreneurship are money and the love to get good messages out to the people. I feel proud to be leading E² and work with my clients to create a plan that increases communication, and influence in the community. –