The Journey and the Changes

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May 17, 2015
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July 5, 2015
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The Journey and the Changes

Fast changes are a normal process that we have to face today with all the technology around us. Technology is one of the most important tools in order to be competitive as a business. The new Dominoclimate in business allows people to embrace those changes needed to succeed, but the people that disagree fall behind. There is a gap between the businesses that are skeptical and the ones that pivot with the changes.
Entrepreneurs go through different stages. The pace of technology and social media allowed me to see more clearly into the current stages of marketing. I have finally realized that I did not have to be perfect at every stage in my journey. Everything is moving so fast that learning from current experiences and adapting to the moving terrains is the most valuable tool. Just know that you need a support group for your journey and you are not alone in these rapid changing environments.
There are ways besides traditional advertising for businesses these days to maintain a competitive advantage.  One is by keeping the audience engaged with social media. The networks expect a second level of engagement that I call “maintenance engagement”. It does not have to be done with the main four social media platforms that we are all used to. The most important part is to engage on a consistent basis. Don’t post on Facebook and let a long period of time pass by. The key is to find ways to engage with the audience and establish continuity.
Last year I launched my first blog post in the area of optics and its practices. Now I have slowly started to tell my networks that this current blog you are reading is available. I could have done this differently and more consistently. The fear of being wrong and not being knowledgeable enough in both areas kept me from performing with continuity. When I think back, I was the only person getting in my way. I didn’t think that I would do a great enough job as some of the other entrepreneurs near and far.
The more changes there were at different points in my journey, the more I began to understand that I could be a student and a teacher of the amazing world of entrepreneurs. I had decided to invest in myself with more formal training in marketing in special areas of social media. I began to increase my networking efforts during that period while having high level results.  New doors began to open and a wave of new clients and opportunities began to emerge. At this point, the results are clear that my new company is gaining recognition with successful continuity.

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